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Monday, January 01, 2007

Wishing You A Happy New Year

One Wine Lover is wishing all of you a very happy and special 2007.
May 2007 be a spectacular year that will bring happiness and wealth to all of us who work and aim for it.

2006 has been a great year and although many is wary of the new 2007, I still hope that things will still be as bright as in 2006.

In 2006, it is also an unforgettable year for myself as I have a new baby and changes in my career. However, I seem to end the 2006 with some good news and is looking forward to the challenges I will be facing in the coming 2007.

I would like all of you who come by to my blog a very special, wonderful and great New Year. Happy 2007!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Chateau Cablanc Bordeaux

Have you try a bottle of Chateau Cablanc Bordeaux. I come across this Chateau Cablanc Bordeaux 2001 bottle of red wine and quite like the taste and would like to share with you.

This wine is from the Saint-Pey de-Castets in the Entre-Deux-Mers region from France.

This is a tablewine with alcohol content of 12% and is suitable to drink with food. Most wine can be considered as tablewine if their alcohol content is less than 14%.

To get the most of Chateau Cablanc Bordeaux especially if they are young, you may need to allow it to breath for an hour or so before serving. This red wine is dark red in colour, which characterizes this 2001 vintage. Taking a deep breath into the wine glass, you will smell of rich red cherry like fruits and tobacco and some chalk too. I like the rich and refine aroma of this wine. This is a dry and light bodied wine. In the mouth it is charming and ample, it has the taste of wild cherry and a supple tannins and finishes with some spice notes.

I personally like this fine red wine.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wine Tasting Kit

As a wine lover, I started appreciating wine by chance and did not start it off right. For someone new to wine appreciation and would like to start it off this season, you may consider getting a wine tasting kit. Generally, a wine tasting kit will consist of a tasting notepads. In this notepad, you should take note of the flavor and aroma of the wine that you have appreciated. Together you also need wine bottle stoppers, a wine label removers, a wine bottle bag. Lastly, but not least is the cork screw openner to open the bottle of wine.

The wine stoppers helps you to keep your wine bottle intact if you cannot finished the bottle of wine. The wine label removers help you to remove the wine label to be stick to your wine journal noting your wine tasting experience. In the event that you have a blind wine tasting party, you may need the bottle bags to cover up the the wine bottle so that the taster will not see the wine bottle label.

You will not be surprise that as you get more experience, your taste to the same wine may differ. At the end of each tasting, you should ask yourself if you like its taste and would you like to drink more of it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wine Accessories - Wine Bottle Vacuum Sealer

You need to prepare yourself with the necessary wine accessories before you start to learn more about wine appreciation.

It is very common that we will not be able to finish a bottle of wine and need to preserve the unfinished bottle of wine for the next day. In order to ensure that the quality of the wine is not unduly deteriorated, we need to get the right tool to assist us.

I would recommend the use of a wine bottle vacuum sealer. This is a battery operated pump that will automatically remove the air inside the wine bottle. It is simple to use, just position the vacuum sealer to the neck of the bottle, guide over the inserted sure-seal stopper, push down gently and the battery operated pump will do the rest of the job.

By removing the air in the bottle, it will enable the bottle of wine to be preserved for the next day consumption without losing too much of its flavor.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wine Accessories

In wine appreciation, getting the right tool is important in helping you to enjoy your bottle more. Can you imagine if you do not have a tool to open the wine bottle? You will probably take a hard time trying to get the cork out of the bottle.

Using the traditional wine opener may be tedious and at time break the cork into pieces due to the amount of force that have to place on it to pull out the cork. If this happen, it is really disastrous and may ruin your wine tasting.

Nowadays, you can get a Cork Jet Pump style corkscrew to assist you. This is a effortless way to open your bottle of wine as it uses a small gas cartridge that releases gas through the needle and the pressure pushes the cork out.

So if you find it troublesome to open a bottle each time, you may consider getting this cork jet to help.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Use Gas To Preserve Your Left Over Wine

It is quite common that we will not finish a bottle of wine and need to keep it for the next day. Due to oxidation process even with the little oxygen in the bottle will make our wine taste unpleasent and loss most of its charm the next day. So if you want to retain its taste as much as possible, you need to take extra care to preserve the wine.

There are many recommendations, the simplest process is to slowly but carefully pour the wine into a smaller bottle. In this way, there will be less oxygen in the bottle and thus reduce the chance of oxidation. Others include using a pump to extract oxygen from the bottle. However, as far as I know, one of the easiest and most effective way is to use preserved gas. They are commonly known as a wine preserver spray, this is harmless inert gas that prevents the wine from turning bad. Some wine can be preserved for another day or two using wine preserver spray.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wine for Christmas

The festive season is coming and thinking of what wine to serve this Christmas. Come across a few recommendations and would like to share this.

Wine is a drink for all seasons and festivals, so serving wine on Christmas is something pretty common. But what wine to serve and what wine goes well with turkey, one of the main attraction on Christmas Party.

One interesting thing is that turkey is cooked in various favours, thus different wine can complement well with turkey.

Well, it is always not suitable to serve sweet wine before or during meal, as anything sweet will make you do not feel like eating and lost your appetite. They are more suitable as after-dinner drinks.

So, if you are choosing a wine this Christmas season that is easy to drink, you may consider having festive French alternative called Beaujolais Nouveau. This is suitable for those who are new to drinking wine as it is very tasty and not very expensive.

Young Beaujolais should be served chilled, at approximately 13°C (55°F), to encourage its fruity complexion. The fuller Beaujolais, on the other hand, are best at about 17°C (60-65°F).

This wine is good for immediate consumption and not a wine to keep.

The wine is ready to be drunk a scant six weeks after the harvest. Each year the new Beaujolais is officially released on the 3rd Thursday of November and no time earlier, which has been mandated by French Law.